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Contoh Narrative Text Legend Tentang Keong Mas

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Contoh Narrative Text Legend – Narrative text legend merupakan jenis teks yang menceritakan suatu rangkaian peristiwa terjadinya sesuatu. Tujuan narrative text ini menghibur pembaca mengenai suatu kisah atau cerita.

Umumnya narrative text terbagi menjadi beberapa jenis, diantaranya legends, fairy stories (cerita yang bersifat fantasi), fables, personal experiences (berupa pengalaman pribadi), myth, mysteries, romance, science fiction, horror stories, historical narratives, dan adventure stories.

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Di Indonesia, ada banyak legenda yang dipercaya oleh sebagian besar orang sebagai sesuatu hal yang benar terjadi. Legenda ini berhubungan dengan asal mula suatu tempat atau asal mula terjadinya sesuatu. Misalnya, legenda candi prambanan, legenda tangkuban perahu, legenda danau toba, legenda gunung batok, dan lainnya. Simak contoh narrative text legend berikut ini.

Contoh Narrative Text Legend Tentang Keong Mas

contoh narrative text legend dan artinya

“A king has two beautiful daughters. The names of the two daughters are Candra Kirana and Dewi Galuh. However, the temperament of the two daughters is truly different, Candra Kirana is so good while her brother is so proud.

One day the king informed him that a handsome prince named Inu Kertapati applied for Candra Kirana. Hearing this arose Dewi Galuh’s envy. The girl then went to meet a magician to turn it into a snail.

The witch managed to turn Candra Kirana into a snail and throw it into the river. He can turn into a human again if he can find his true love. Then, golden snails were found by a grandmother who was netting and taking her home.

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The next day when grandma returned from looking for fish, she saw a variety of delicious dishes served at the table. Not only that, his house became cleaner. The incident happened repeatedly to make grandma curious.

Sometime later, grandma pretended to go to work but returned again shortly afterwards. Apparently, the one who helped him all this time was the golden snail, the incarnation of a beautiful princess he had found in a river. From there, Candra Kirana tells everything that happened to her to become a snail.

Meanwhile, the Prince did not stay silent and joined in searching for Candra Kirana who suddenly disappeared. He searched tirelessly to the corners of the village. Until one day he was exhausted and went to one of the residents’ houses to ask for a drink.

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How shocked he was when he saw Candra Kirana there. Immediately, the curse of Candra Kirana disappeared. Then, the prince brought Candra Kirana and her grandmother to the kingdom.

The Witch and Goddess Galuh also get the punishment. Candra Kirana and Inu Kertapati then married and were happy forever.”

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