Contoh Explanation Text Terbentuknya Danau Air Asin

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Contoh Explanation Text- Explenation text adalah teks yang bersikan proses atau tahapan terjadinya atau terbentunya sesuatu. Expelenation text ini mirip dengan teks tahapan membuat sesuatu misalnya tahapan membuat makanan atau minuman, hanya saja explenation text lebih ke proses yang alami.

Untuk Info lebih lengkapnya bisa isi Biodata Disini

Untuk lebih paham explenation text, simak contoh explenation text berikut ini. Contoh explenation text beserta generic structure tentang terbentuknya danau air asin.

Contoh Explanation Text Beserta Generic Structure

1. Establishment of Saltwater Lake:

2. Lakes found in areas with very high evaporation rates so that the salt content increases. for example dead sea lake

3. the bay between the two hills which then in the mouth of the bay is covered with coastal sediment so that it is separated from the marine ecosystem into its own ecosystem in the form of saltwater lakes

4. formed on the lagoon due to the growth of coral reefs which are then followed by the lifting process so that the lagoon is truly closed and separated from the free ocean ecosystem.

5. The lake is basically a mudflow and salt water, for example those found in Ambarawa. Stratification of water temperature:

6. Epilimnion, is the upper layer of the waters of the lake. This layer is a warm part of the water column with a relatively constant temperature (very small temperature changes). The depth of this area is up to 10 feet, staghnan temperature is + 75 degrees Celsius. The entire mass of water in this layer can mix well due to the influence of wind and waves.

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7. Metalimnion [thermocline]. Located next to the epilimnion layer. The depth of this layer is 10-15 feet with a temperature range <75-50 degrees celsius. In this layer the temperature changes are relatively large vertically. 3.

8. Hipolimnion, is the innermost layer of lake waters. This layer has a temperature that is stagnant + 50 degrees Celsius with a depth of 15 feet to the bottom of the lake substrate, has a water thickness (density) is greater.


1. Inside and steep cliffs

2. Epilimnion volume is relatively small compared to hypilimnion

3. Water is blue or green, transparency is clear

4. Poor water with plant nutrients and calcium ions

5. Low organic matter deposits

6. Oxygen is abundant at all levels at all times.

7. Litoral plants are divided into sharp-leafed herbaceous species

8. Poor phytoplankton quantitatively

9. Blue Bloom algae is not present

10. Profundal basic fauna is diverse, intolerant of low oxygen pressure

Itulah contoh explenation text beserta generic structure tentang terbentuknya danau air asin. Semoga bermanfaat dan bisa menambah wawasan anda.

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